As the Covid-19 crisis slowly passes, consider how much renting a villa really provides much-needed private space, protection and security that a hotel vacation just can't compare to.

Although all industries and markets were affected, travel and hospitality were definitely the worst hit. Shutdowns around the world closing hotels, shutting down airlines and causing millions of layoffs within these industries. This is not only unprecedented, but it was also unpredictable and truly shocking. The chances that the consequences of this historic event will follow us for many years to come are really huge.

The fact is that Covid-19 has brought us to a point of adaptation that we were not even aware existed. Our internal data on thousands of properties in 87 countries shows that new bookings fell by 50% in March, while stays in April fell by more than 80% globally. Another important statistic is that the average length of stay doubled for April'20, showing that most stays were not related to leisure or work but something else: in this case, quarantine and avoiding home for health reasons.

1. Why should I rent a Villa?

Whether you are with family or a group of friends, there is no more ideal place for a quarantine and/or post-quarantine vacation than a luxury villa, a place you can call your own. Imagine a private paradise, decorated and selected perfectly for your vacation. Our offer is such that you will surely find the ideal place for you.

In quarantine, we could only think about what we would do if he was gone! So now, when you are truly free to do whatever you want, choose a stay in a luxurious Villa that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Let's go through some of the benefits of renting a Villa together:

• A private villa with its own pool offers a safe space for families and friends to isolate themselves in the sun
• Currently flight prices are more than affordable, all the usual airlines including EasyJet, Jet2, Rajan Air and WizzAir are open for bookings
• Montenegro is one of the safest vacation destinations in the age of the pandemic
• If we look at the price per person, renting a villa is surprisingly profitable

If you still haven't found your answer to the question of why to rent a Villa, let us take you on a journey through our offer, visit our website and find your new vacation home!

Renting a villa has never been easier, on our website you can find your post-quarantine paradise in a few clicks! Discover a villa near you and decide to treat yourself to the luxury you definitely deserve! You can answer the question Why should you rent a Villa with a list of your needs for relaxation! Stress at work, at home and inside yourself, you need to throw out and really allow yourself a real rest!

For you, we have prepared a perfect offer of luxury accommodation that will make you forget about the turbulent period that we hope is behind us! Of course, if you need it, our Villas can also be your quarantine home!

It's interesting that after the quarantine, we all live semi-panic lives, in constant anticipation of the next wave of viruses, a new strain or even a new vaccine to fight against. In that chaos and crowd, we neglected the fact that life after quarantine has come a long way! Airline companies are working smoothly, people are slowly going on vacation and wintering again! With every new month comes new security!

We suggest you embrace this certainty and great opportunity and decide to bathe yourself in well-deserved luxury! A weekend or longer in one of our luxury Villas will show you that you deserve a vacation, and that the most important thing is to know that investing in your peace and yourself always pays off.

You will easily find the answer to the question of how to rent a Villa on our website! The most important thing is to decide that it is time to please yourself! Renting a Villa has never been easier, and the locations have never been better! Whether you want to find a Villa in Cetinje or in Herceg Novo and Kotor, we are here for you.

If you work from home, the change in atmosphere will inevitably affect your productivity. The time of hedonism has come, with a dose of concern for public health. The luxury of the Villa also speaks of its privacy. Something that never loses its value, our time with our beloved, undisturbed and extremely private.

One of the main lessons of this pandemic should also be the transience of life! Haven't you always wanted to indulge in the perfect home in a fairytale location? All this is possible if you simply decide on one of the Villas in our offer!

Covid-19 has also shown that vacations away from the typical hustle and bustle really are the best vacations! Interest in Villas and luxury private accommodation has seen its increase in the world precisely for this reason!

2. How to choose the perfect Villa?

First of all, you must know in which part of Montenegro you want to enjoy your vacation from covid-19. There are a lot of amazing places to visit, and it all depends on your preferences.

A huge number of villas are located in beautiful locations on the coast. Cetinje will never disappoint you, and Kotor and Herceg Novi are some of the most popular cities in the coastal region. It's a great idea to check out festivals and events potentially happening nearby so you can enjoy the Montenegrin tradition from a different perspective.

Continue thinking about the Villa by deciding whether this will be a solo trip, with family or friends and how much space you would like to have available. We are sure that you will find enough options in our offer.

Depending on the type of vacation you want to have, you will need certain amenities. If you will only use the villa as a base to which you will return after a full day of excursions and exploration of Montenegro, you will probably need less content. But if you're going to spend most of your time enjoying the luxury of your villa, the best option is to choose a villa that has plenty of amenities. It is possible to find everything you need and in all price ranges, you just have to decide on the options you like the most. BBQ, outdoor/indoor pool, jacuzzi, fully equipped kitchen, sauna, unlimited Wi-Fi etc.

At RentVillas we have everything you need for your perfect vacation. It is up to you to find your future paradise in our offer.