Your luxury villa to rent in beautiful Cetinje

At the foot of Mount Lovcen lies our beautiful cultural and historical gold mine, the royal capital of Montenegro is the perfect place for you to rent a luxury villa!

Rising from a green dale, Cetinje is an odd mix of previous capital and overrun village surrounded by rough and grey mountains where you find single storey houses, cottages and mansions which share the parallel street. A number of mansions dated from the European ambassador’s period, where they rubbed shoulders, moved with Montenegrin princess at present are the schools and museums of music and art. Cetinje, a city and royal capital of Montenegro was the official residence of the President of Montenegro. Founded in 1482 by Ivan Crnojevic, the monarch of the Zeta state, the place holds a large statue of the monarch in the main square.

Today, Cetinje is referred as the imperial capital and home to the countries most remarkable and striking collection of museums, which you absolutely must visit and explore!

Relax in luxury and explore all Cetinje has to offer

This beautiful city lies at the foot of a national park that is easy to reach, just a 20 minute ride! Besides the natural beauty, you are showered with the opportunity to learn and understand more about Montenegro’s culture and history by staying in this heavenly place.

Explore these restaurants in Cetinje

We choose to present a few true gems in Cetinje!

Bonita pastry shop is one of the most popular pastry shops with the locals, here you can have your choice of cakes that are all homemade and fresh!

Kod Sulja is a burek place that has to be explored if you are visiting Cetinje! This family business has been part of Cetinje for many years! Our only advice is get there early before they are sold out! Yes they are that good!

Of course, wherever you go while staying in Cetinje, our luxury villas will be there to welcome you home.

Booking your holiday villa in Cetinje

The Cetinje villas available to rent in our portfolio have been carefully selected for their exceptional luxury and comfort.

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