Vacation is a crucial part of our lives, whether we realize it or not. A vacation will refresh and reset your mind, allowing you to return to work with a clear head and fully prepared for life's new adventures. Many people do not take all the vacation time they are allowed, if they decide to take it at all. It's time to get it right and realize how amazing traveling outside of your comforts and stress can be! If it's been a while since you've planned a vacation, or you just need a few tips to make sure you make the most of your time when you go, we've got some friendly tips to share with you. These 5 tips on how to plan the perfect vacation will help you create your ideal vacation!

Here are our tips:

1. Choose the destination and the time you want to travel!
For those of you who want to travel to Montenegro, we suggest that you start from the coast in the summer, for your first vacation we suggest renting a villa and surrendering to the luxury of the Mediterranean! Whether you want a villa with a pool that is more private, or a villa that is close enough to the sea, gives you plenty of options to choose from!

2. Narrow down the choice of destination to a specific region or city!
And in this case it depends on your needs and wishes! You can choose the coast and within it decide on Kotor or Herceg Novi, or go a little further north and choose our capital Cetinje! The choice is once again yours!

3. Plan an activity!
Depending on whether you want to spend your vacation peacefully and without excessive action, or if action is what you need, make a list of desired adventures for your vacation!

4. Consider an electronic detox!
One idea for your vacation is an electronic detox! Get rid of your phone and laptop, and grab your camera while exploring the new place you are! We suggest you review the possibilities of phototracking in Montenegro!

5. Choose the perfect accommodation! is the ideal place to find your perfect villa in Montenegro! In the sea of ​​possibilities, you will find the villa of your dreams that will surely make your vacation more beautiful!

We hope our tips are something to get you through planning your next trip! Allow yourself pleasure, you know you deserve it!