When you're planning a vacation trip and it's time to find accommodation, you'll probably mechanically decide on a hotel. It has already become a matter of habit for all travelers, right? We believe that it is time for changes. In recent years, renting a private villa has become an ideal option for many to stay during a trip or vacation. So the question that arises is should you choose a hotel or a villa?

Whether you're trying to decide between a hotel and a villa or are simply confused about the difference between the two, we're here to help. Here's what to consider when deciding which is right for you: a hotel or a villa.

Hotel or Villa: Space

When we talk about the space that a hotel provides you, we usually talk about the room. In a hotel room you have a bed, a wardrobe, a bathroom and if you're really lucky a coffee and tea maker! The key difference is that when you rent a villa, you rent the entire space of the house to yourself! You get a room, a living room, a kitchen and a yard for your private enjoyment, and the price per person is almost the same.

In addition, with pool villas, you also get your own private pool.

Hotel or Villa: Budget

One concern is definitely the budget you need. However, if you are traveling with a family or a group of friends, you will be surprised that renting a villa is a cheaper and more affordable option per person! The reason villas look more luxurious is their privacy and exclusivity, but the reality is really quite different!

Hotel or Villa: Families

If you are traveling with children and family, your ideal option is the Villa. Hotels can be too stimulating for children and some of them even have a policy of not accepting younger children! If you find the ideal Villa for your family on RentVilas, contact us without hesitation and start your perfect vacation!