Montenegro is ideal for beach vacation lovers as well as admirers of beautiful architecture, ancient cities and sights. In the blog, we will take a look at the Ostrog monastery, picturesque nature, unusual islands and ancient architecture of Montenegro.

The holy place of Montenegro is the Ostrog monastery, where the soul rejoices and the body heals.

Ostrog Monastery is an active Orthodox monastery. It is located in the mountains – at the foot of the Ostroški Greben, 15 km from the town of Danilovgrad and between the towns of Podgorica and Nikšić, at an altitude of 900 meters. The monastery was built in the 17th century and is known for keeping the relics of its founder, the miracle worker Vasilij Ostroški. Not only Orthodox Christians make a pilgrimage to this place, but also representatives of other faiths – there is an opinion that anyone who turns to the relics of the saint with faith can receive help. The monastery is known for stories about the healing of the sick, and until now this enchanting place does not leave tourists and guests indifferent.

Picturesque Islands:

Our Lady of the Rocks – The plateau of the island is man-made – every passing ship had to drop a stone near the reef. On the island there is a church of the Mother of God with extraordinary paintings.

The island of St. George in the Benedictine abbey, founded in the 9th century. Mysterious and dark, under the cypress canopy. It is believed that there are hidden treasures here.

The island of Sveti Nikola on the coast of Budva with pleasant bays and lush vegetation. There are cafes and bars on the island.
But the most unusual island is Sveti Stefan. This is an island-hotel with luxury villas and beaches with small pink-red pebbles.

Ancient Architecture:

The old town of Budva – with Venetian and Mediterranean architecture.
The old part of Kotor – ancient buildings, cobbled narrow streets, a fortress and an ancient cathedral.
The fortified town of Stari Bar is an old building on a cliff, where some of the buildings have been preserved in their original form.

Montenegro is known for its picturesque nature. These are Biogradska Gora National Park, Skadar Lake with ancient temples and the Durmitor mountain range. If you need a beach with crystal clear water, you can choose Mogren (Budva). The country also has its own fiord - the incredibly beautiful Bay of Kotor.

A few more interesting natural objects:

The Tara river canyon is the largest in Europe.
Glacial lakes on Mount Durmitor – with a greenish tint.
Lipska cave – with stalactites, stalagmites, underground pool.
Blue Cave – barges and boats even sail inside.