This blog talks about the climate and weather in Montenegro, when the beach season starts, about the water and air temperature by month, when the sea is warm enough for swimming.

The best time to spend a vacation in Montenegro depends on the purpose of the trip. The beach season starts quite early, in May the water warms up to +18 degrees. In the first days of June, the sea becomes warmer - the thermometer rises to 21 degrees, and by the end of the month it reaches 23. Most tourists arrive in Montenegro in the middle of summer. From the second half of July to the end of August, there is a large influx of guests in the country. At this time, the sea is maximally warm, hotels, restaurants and cafes are open, hundreds of excursion buses offer sightseeing tours. This is the best time to vacation with children. For those who cannot tolerate the heat because of their health condition, the velvet season opens in September. Often the weather allows you to spend the first half of October on the beach. Montenegro is equally attractive for vacation in winter and summer. Here, all the conditions are created for fun on the beach, as well as for lovers of mountain extreme sports.

Features of the climate of Montenegro

The climate here is typical for the Mediterranean: hot and dry summers alternate with cold, rainy winters. Montenegro is small in area, but due to its complex relief, it is divided into several climatic regions. The weather in the plains, on the coast or in the mountains varies considerably. However, air saturated with ions and ethereal compounds is equally useful everywhere.

Which month is the best for summer holidays in Montenegro:

June is considered one of the best months for a beach vacation. On the Adriatic coast, the sea heats up to 22 degrees, and the water of Boka Kotorska up to +23.
The heat of July does not scare family vacation lovers, because at this time the sea temperature is ideal for children to swim. In Budva and other Adriatic resorts, the water heats up to +24 degrees, and in the bay it usually reaches +26! The air warms up to +32 degrees, sometimes up to 35. Tourists occasionally go hiking, where they feel quite comfortable at +24 to +26.
In August, the heat does not subside, and the sea remains warm. Tourists visit the north of Montenegro, where in August they can rest in great comfort. Sufficiently acceptable air temperature (up to +26 degrees) and the absence of a large number of people make vacation attractive for lovers of peace and quiet.
The golden age in Montenegro is autumn. In September, the heat subsides, and so does the influx of people. The temperature of the sea water is maintained at around +23 degrees, and in the bay it is a few degrees warmer.
October is still quite suitable for a beach holiday. The water in the sea is around 20 °C, the air up to +22. However, it gets colder in the evening and you need to dress warmly. This does not happen from year to year, so it is impossible to predict whether October will be cold and rainy or dry and warm.
The first snow falls in November, first in the mountain areas, where preparations for the ski season are underway.

When can you swim in the sea in Montenegro

The beach season on the Montenegrin coast begins in May, but this does not mean that tourists are en masse diving into the sea waves. The water is still quite cold, so only the brave enter it, the rest sunbathe on the shore. There are also those who open the bathing season in April.
Mass bathing begins in mid-June, when the sea in Montenegro is warm, the water thermometer exceeds 23 degrees.
The warmest water is in July and August. It was during this period that the largest influx of tourists was observed in Montenegro. The beaches are crowded, but the water remains clean and clear.
The swimming season ends in mid-September. The water temperature drops to 23 degrees.
Montenegro perfectly suits those who want to relax on the beach, immerse themselves in transparent and warm sea waves and see the sights. You just need to know in advance what the water and air temperature is in the resorts. Montenegro also attracts extreme sports enthusiasts - divers, snowboarders, and skiing enthusiasts. Everyone chooses the best time for their vacation in Montenegro.