Montenegro is known for its incredible nature: picturesque mountains, forests, lakes and golden beaches. The Adriatic coast with its mild Mediterranean climate becomes especially attractive in the summer season.
The blog describes the best beaches in Montenegro.

Velika plaža

Velika plaža is the longest and sandiest beach in Montenegro. It is covered with thick sand, which is attributed healing properties: it has a beneficial effect on rheumatism, arthritis and muscle diseases.
Entering the water from the sandy shore is gentle, the bottom is smooth. Each part of the beach is equipped with all necessary amenities: changing cabins, showers, toilets, sunbeds, umbrellas, in some places there are also campsites. Many mini beaches have playgrounds for children, and there are various cafes on the coast. At night there are discos on the beach.

Jaz beach

Jaz beach can be called the trademark of Budva without exaggeration. Jaz beach is a vivid example of golden sand and emerald water.
The special atmosphere of the beach begins with its location, a few kilometers from Budva. The distance from the settlement makes Jaz much more environmentally friendly and quieter than the city beaches in Budva. The water here has a really special shade and transparency.
Jaz, like a precious stone, is located within two hills - Grbalj and Straža. The powerful vegetation of these hills creates shade in the hot hours, which is so often missing on the open beaches.
Jaz is known for big festivals, concerts and other musical events. The beach hosts big events such as Summer Fest, Sea Dance, Live Fest. The Rolling Stones, Lenny Kravitz and Madonna sang here in front of tens of thousands of people.

Plavi Horizonti beach

Plavi Horizonti beach is one of the best beaches in Montenegro. The fine sand of the coast has the ability to cure rheumatic pains, which attracts here those who want to improve their health during their vacation. Plavi Horizonti beach is naturally protected from the winds, surrounded by a pine forest that creates ideal conditions for relaxation. It is pleasant to enter the sea on the shallow bottom, which is covered with fine sand, the depth gradually increases, so vacation with children becomes as peaceful and safe as possible.
The length of the beach is about 350 meters. The olive and pine forest give it a special charm and picturesque appearance. There is a promenade along the entire length of the resort. On the coast there are sports fields for volleyball, basketball and tennis. Plavi horizonti beach is only 15 kilometers from the center of Tivat.

Mogren beach

Two beaches connected by a tunnel on the southwest coast of Budva have the same name - Mogren. The beach that is closer to the city center is Mogren-1, and the next one, hidden by a rock, is Mogren-2. Mogren is a sandy and pebble beach. The sea here is transparent, an unusual emerald green shade.

Trsteno beach

Near Trsteno beach there are two more famous Montenegrin beaches: Jaz, 3 km northeast and Ploče, 1.5 km southwest. Due to its shallow depth, safe bottom relief and good infrastructure, the beach is considered an excellent option for families with children. The coast of Trsteno beach is covered with soft light sand. Trsteno beach is located in a narrow bay, surrounded by hills, which protect it from the winds, so there are almost no waves here. The sea at Trsteno beach is clean and transparent, the bottom is perfectly visible, so it will be interesting to swim and dive here.

Miločer beach

Miločer Beach is an elite beach. It is located in the area of the former royal resort of the Karađorđević dynasty.
Now Miločer beach in Montenegro is known not only for its royal history: this picturesque and secluded beach with a paid entrance, surrounded by prestigious hotels, is considered a place for a luxurious vacation.
The coast is covered with small gravel and sand. The entrance to the sea is pebbly, the water along the coast is very clean. The coast is surrounded by a park-arboretum, where rare types of plants and trees grow: cypresses, olives, pines, palms, as well as cacti and magnolias.

Biserna obala beach (Pearl Coast Beach)

Biserna obala beach is located in the Canj resort. It got its name from the round stones, which resemble pearls or beads. This beach is well equipped and suitable for families with children.
The coast is protected from the wind by rocks and lush Mediterranean vegetation, the place is very picturesque. The beach has a developed infrastructure: you can rent sunbeds and umbrellas or sit on towels for free. Most of the hotels, restaurants and cafes are located near the coast.

Žanjice beach

Žanjice beach is located on the Luštica peninsula. The water here is truly one of the cleanest among Montenegrin beaches, with an incredible turquoise hue. The beach is recognized by the Foundation for Environmental Education as a beach that meets the highest standards of cleanliness and safety (Blue Flag Award). There is a pier next to the beach. From here you can also go to the Blue Cave and the island-fortress of Mamula.

Lučice beach in Petrovac

Lučice Beach is a pleasant bay, a pearl in layered rocks covered with pines and junipers. Due to its seclusion and distance from the main tourist paths, the beach has gained many fans. There are areas where you can rent a sun lounger and a cane umbrella, and there is also a fairly significant part of the coast where people come to relax right on the pebbles, taking a towel or a beach mat.

Sutomore beach

The coast is pebble-sandy (sand predominates in the southern part), with a gentle entrance to the sea. In the central part there are deckchairs and umbrellas that can be rented during the holidays. There are various water and beach attractions for children and adults. Along the coast there are cafes for everyone's taste. There are clubs, apartments and hotels near the coast.

Buljarica beach

Buljarica beach is pebbly, in some places there is sand and gravel. The village of Buljarica itself is known for the Gradište monastery. By choosing this beach, it is easy to combine a beach holiday with an interesting cultural program. There are many tourists in the season, but the beach is so big that it is never crowded. There is a restaurant and a cafe-bar on the beach. The beach also offers catamaran rides and water zorbing.